** Stick ‘em uP is finally here **

Animation Graduate whose entertainment is to make herself laugh, envisions scenarios in her head of people blowing up and throwing up.Drawing is an outlet to take herself far away from reality, giving her imagination more room to find humour in all that is negatively projected on us as children.

“As part of living, or not living, we’re subjected to fear everyday. Fear of bleeding, fear of falling ill, fear of puking, fear of death… It may be nervous laughter but at least I’m laughing.”

Her childlike humour is the reason why she believes she will never grow up making it clear that her love for animation will never leave her.

“Growing up I watched a lot of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Peter Pan being my favourite,Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, Tim Burton films, stop motions, Studio Ghibli… and I still do. Cartoons have a dark humour. Maybe not your classics but definitely the ones of today. I think that is what keeps me watching. That is what keeps me drawing. Animation allows you to create the unimaginable, put that on paper and then brings it to life for others to see. It’s like a straight path into your head. That’s what my T-shirts are.”

With each T-shirt comes a few characters which come with a story. On every tag is a hand written short story of the scenario taking place on your T-shirt. With the first two designs that go under the names of “Fountain of puke” or “Together Forever” here for its first collection, Stick ’em uP have finally launched their online store. Check them out on;


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