Yes they are…Edible.

In 2000 Edible was created to “broaden the minds and open up the palates of those of us in the western world who are fairly limited in culinary terms.”

Through years of travelling around all regions of the globe and being exposed to unusual and  unique delicacies being consumed, Edible wants us to share their experiences. Whether it be insects eaten by the street traders of phnom Penh, ancient aphrodisiacs consumed in the court of Queen Cleopatra, rare chewing gum from Japan with strange unique flavours or rare teas, coffees and chocolates. Some of these items are produced in the kitchens of Edible and are products of their own creation. others may come direct from an Indigenous farmer or even a major manufacturer.

We are all for it! and definitely wouldn’t mind a hornet with honey in our tea.

Go here for stockists in the UK.

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