Pinhole Photography by Justin Quinnell

Born in Portishead and now living in Bristol, England, Quinnell brings you his pinhole photography.

A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and a single very small aperture (the pin hole). The aperture is what allows the light to enter the device and form an image on the film. In simpler words it is a light-proof box with a small hole on one side.

Quinnell gained his reputation through local exhibitions and has exhibited his work at The Watreshed Gallery, bristol; Well Hung Gallery, London; De Santos Gallery, Texas and the Coopers Gallery, Bamsley.

On his page you will find ‘Mouthpiece’. This gallery consists of photos, some of which are displayed below, taken from the perspective of an open mouth with a small device made by Quinnell to fit in his mouth.

Also leaving his pinhole camera open for a duration of 6 months, Quinnell was able to capture a time lapse of both Summer and Winter solstices, shown below. The lowest streak representing the Winter solstice and the highest streak representing the Summer solstice.

To make your own pinhole camera simply visit Quinnell’s site where he tells you all the how-tos. We’re off to make our own Beer can Camera!

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