Trash Humpers

Written and directed by Harmony Korine, Trash Humpers is no exception. Public urination, creepy masks, low-grade torture and the title are all to be expected whilst watching this movie but don’t be fooled, the film is also full of poetry, dance and moments of aching poignancy.

What less to expect from Korine? However we must admit that there is always an impressive coherence in the subject matter of his work and one thing we can count on is he never fails to capture, the warped, the weird and the truly disturbed.

“The film follows a small gang of sinister ‘elderly’ peeping toms through the shadows of a nightmarishly familiar suburban landscape. Their shocking and sociopathic behaviour makes for unbearably compelling viewing that scorches itself on the mind’s eye.”

In selected London Cinemas Friday 18th June (today) playing at the ICA and Dalston Rio. For the trailer click here.

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