A brand set up in the US and now here in the UK, Functionalab believe beauty starts from inner health. Their line consists of Advanced Nutricosmetics and Advanced Nutraceuticals offering supplement solutions that target health and beauty profiles.

Functionalab’s supplements are made with the purest and highest-quality active natural ingredients, supported by scientific research, to maximise effectiveness.

There are no added artificial flavours, colorants or unnecessary fillers.

There is even an online ‘nutritionist’. By clicking on ‘finding the right supplement’ you are taken to a list of health and beauty concerns which then lead you to the supplements you should take to improve your condition. The packaging is simple, neat, very lab like and something we are a fan of. to find out more go to

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One Response to FUNCTIONALAB 100% Natural

  1. Thelma says:

    Here Here; “good health begins from the inside out”. Supplementing with a quality product is essential in addition to a healthful diet. Functionalab, offers a quality line of supplements. Always research a company before making a purchase. Thanks A Lot!

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