Little Notes that say it All

Lucy May Schofield is a prolific artist and needless to say a true romantic who explores the historical craft of book binding and letter pressing.

“Inspired by an unrelenting desire to make, coupled with a passion for the written word, I make objects to house stories which may otherwise go untold. In creating narratives I accompany the viewer on a journey, often manifesting in an installation, multiple or artist’s book.”

Her work was born from a passion to communicate and a need to create a world in which there was enough time and space to read. Delighted in self-publishing, there is something so special about each and every book with it’s unusual content that explores dolls houses, lost love, redundant underwear, salvaged diaries and dementia, solitude and beards, proverbs and heirlooms.

There are other surprises. Our favourite, Lucy May Schofield’s endearing notelet range. Tiny, bound perforated notes such as “you make me so handsomely happy” take flirting to a whole new level. There is also a “Pulling” series which include phrases such as “I like your smile.”

Schofield has published over twenty limited editions in the past seven years, her work is held in many public and private collections in the UK and abroad including TATE Britain, Chelsea College of Art, London College of Communication and Manchester Metropolitan University. Artist multiples are stocked in London, Edinburgh, Paris, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Also an associate lecturer within the School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and a visiting lecturer at London College of Communication, Schofield offers workshops in Box Making, Contemporary Bookmaking, Hard backed books, Advanced Bookbinding and Creating Artists’ Books. For more details click here.

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