Street Wars

Stuck in London for the Summer complaining that there’s nothing to do and you’re bored. Well then it’s easy for us to say you’re either lazy or not looking enough. Street Wars, a three-week citywide water assassination tournament starting on 2 August.

The last game was held in New York City from Bronx to Staten Island. This one is on a slightly smaller scale but covers a good part of West moving through to East London. It’s going to be massive and messy with your only safe zones being buses, bus stops, bars and the square city block where you work, you hardly have anywhere to hide.

To start playing all you have to do is register yourself or your group,  submit details of your target and use your weapon on them; Water guns, Super Soakers, Water balloons or any other water-based weapon  similar to the above.

Sign up now. Deadline 24 July, 4:07 am. Only a limited amount of players selected. For more check out their website which had us scared and laughing at the same time and take a look at the trailer here.

The XX/DMX track on this has got us downloading it.

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