Ice Dreammm…

Portobello is now home to a great tasting Italian Gelateria, Dri Dri. With its simple but sweet design it certainly matches up to all the flavours they have to offer. From Espresso to chocolate chip to almond to custard cream to cookies and cream and the list goes on, you can eat as much as you like as their gelato is very low in fat on average 6% – 8% as oppose to other ice creams which range between 18% – 24%. Even better, their fruit sorbets have 0% fat. There is no use of any artificial flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers (mono and of glycerides, soy lecithin) preservatives or non-natural thickeners.

“We travel across England to bring you the best Conference pears, apples, strawberries and raspberries. We journey to Italy to find the premium Tonda Gentile hazelnuts (Piedmont), pistachios (Sicily), lemons (Sorrento), artisan cookies (Lugo), almonds (Apulia) and liquorice (Calabria). We tour France to get the yummiest cherries, Comice pears and Granny Smith apples. In Spain we visit the top growers to return with the most superb, hand-picked mandarins and oranges. We explore Sao Tomé to find the most precious Gran Cru cocoa beans, and Madagascar for the most aromatic vanilla beans.”

No excuses. Go eat.

189 Portobello road, W11 2ED,

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