Holy Cow!

HolyFood Indian take away is an ethical Indian brand that seeks to preserve and promote Indian home food. With a fear that Indian food in the UK is becoming a stranger to its roots, Amrik set on a journey three years ago to create HolyFood, authentic Indian recipes passed down from generations broken down to be reassembled with taste, nutrition and balance to bring out the best in the ingredients. Another plus is no additives are used, All main ingredients are organic and their meat is free range, keeping the result clean, fresh and light.

So whether you are looking for that authentic comfort food the type only your mother cooks, or if you are simply in search of easily digested Indian food with a vegan and vegetarian option giving you a different variety of proteins with the realisation that restaurant food is not the real thing, HolyFood is good food.

Delivered to your door you can make your order easily online at www.holyfood.co.uk/delivery or over the phone on 0208 964 0191

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