Let’s Paint this Town Red. Or Blue. Or Green or Yellow.

Working together, Dulux and The Let’s Colour Project have one mission. To spread colour all over the world. Teaming up with volunteers and setting off to dark and dreary places all over the globe they roll up their sleeves to paint streets, schools, squares and houses. This year they made their way to London as well as Rio, Paris and Jodhpur.

Dulux had first approached CH, Fernanda Romano—Global Creative Director of Marketing at Euro RSCG with a video of employees painting houses in Brazil which had sparked the original concept. In an interview Romaon talked about Let’s Colour: “let’s find locations, places around the world, they’re a bit dull, a bit grey. Let’s engage the local community.” She adds, encouraging community involvement was crucial to succeed: “Mandating things to people feels a bit old fashioned. People want to collaborate, people create content to share with the world.” And so the project went on and turned into something more than a P.R. campaign for Romano and her team. “We really wanted to get people excited about painting and color. We really wanted to get people excited about the effect color has on you. it was about a spiritual, emotional regeneration.”

The Let’s Colour Project documents every city it reaches as well as their choice of colour and inspiration in each neighbourhood. Film maker Adam Berg has been filming the whole process with plans to release a full video project in the next month.

We love this project.

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