Reebok x Hello Kitty

Reebok x Hello Kitty

Not only do we love Reebok (classics) but we also LOVE Hello Kitty! I was scrolling along the never ending information on the World Wide Web and uhh… happened to come across these. OK that’s a lie. I’ve been google imaging Hello Kitty for the past twenty minutes, yes I have an increasing obsession with her and no I’m not afraid to admit it.

I fear for the lives of my children (when I have them… in ten years) as I plan to deck out their everythings in Hello Kitty/Sanrio whether they like it or not.

I also came across a Hello Kitty sleeping bag on Ebay and whilst putting the tape measure down in sadness realising that only a tiny toddler or a mature midget could fit, I had the great idea to save it for my kids. Even if its cheaply made and uncomfortable. Even if we never go camping and I can afford twelve beds. I will force them to sleep in it. Ok scary time is over. Back to what you came here for…

So apparently Reebok has collaborated with Hello Kitty and come out with these amazing plush trainers in 2010. We’re a little late yes but it still deserves an article and I still want a pair. They come in three colours, pink, black and white all with Kitty’s signature red bow. They cost around £100 but we were so sad to read they are only available in Japan. If anyone of you knows where we can get our hands on some please leave us a comment below.

However if you’re lucky enough to live in Japan you can find them at Atmos Tokyo

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