It’s the Goo that’s the Good Stuff

British born, Boston breathing, Middle Eastern twins DJ MoMoolah and Deku Kid have been cooking up beats for just over three years now. With a profound interest in music and no background in music technology these kids and their music are homegrown.

Progressing over the years we learn that these two are not only music moguls as they venture into media searching for awareness on what they, and musicians around them have to offer on their new YouTube channel: GOO TV

Impressed to hear that everything is filmed and edited themselves we also learn that their aim is to keep us up to date with what they’re cooking up in the kitchen as well as keeping us entertained and opening up our eyes to unsigned artists, the dirty streets of Boston, London and as the channel grows we’ll be seeing a lot more. You can also find them on twitter here.

DJ MoMoolah has been working closely with Minnesota’s Muzik Mobb who are currently finishing up a mix tape so stay close stay tuned and tell a mother to tell a friend to tell her sister… For more.

You can hear more of what they’ve got right here on their myspace pages;

DJ MoMoolah, Deku KidMuzik Mobb

you can also ‘@’ them on twitter here:

DJ MoMoolah, Deku Kid, Muzik Mobb

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