Freshly Baked. Johnny Cupcakes hits London

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the clothing brand was founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle who uses cupcakes and crossbones as his motif displaying them all over T-shirts, shorts, jumpers and more. His shops are mimicked as a bakery with clothing stored in ‘fridges’, ‘ovens’ on the walls and ‘cupcake batter’ oozing out of pipes. Anything associated with food is a win for me and for many. His story is an inspiration. Turning down investors to keep his shirts out of chain stores deserves a medal for the non greed of money and the persistence to keep it strictly to how he envisioned it.

The good news is if like me, you live in London you can now visit one of his “Bakeries” here at:
10 Fouberts Place, Carnaby
London, W1F7PF
(0207) 734-3347

Store Hours:
Mon – Wed 10-7, Fri & Sat 10-7
Thurs 10-8
Sun 12-6

or online at

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