Say it with Ears

“Neurowear” is a project that started in Japan that have developed fashion items and gadgets to respond to our brain waves using biosensors. This is absolutely insane.

I love Japan and I’ve been there once. It’s amazing because if you think we’re quite advanced with technology and systems you have no idea. Apart from being super clean, the streets in Tokyo are well organised with right and left lanes and smoking stops. Genius. Their public toilets are as good as home. They offer many options on a remote located on one side including a wash, dry and the option to have your seat warmed up before you use it.

I still dream of living there because one day I will. I could talk about Japan for hours but back to what I was originally talking about. Neurowear. So they have so far launched “necomimi”. Ears that move with your brain waves. They rise up when you’re concentrating and lay low when you’re relaxing. I love it but a little part of me finds it scary. I was a little more scared when I read this; “People think that our bodies have limitations, but just imagine if we had organs that don’t exist, and could control that new body? We created new human organs that use a brainwave sensor.” Taken from their site

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One Response to Say it with Ears

  1. Eva says:

    Incredible! 😀

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