I always find the coolest things on Etsy. I could spend hours and hours and plenty of pounds on there. Whilst browsing last night I found these. Cute cuddly cozy little creatures dead and dissected. They are definitely on the top of my list and need to somehow make it on to my wall. The shop is called aKNITomy and can be found here. I think we should be friends.

I have recently been watching ‘Anatomy for Beginners’. That old channel 4 programme with the creepy German doctor who looks like Freddie Kruger and dissects real human bodies. After I managed to get over nearly puking my breakfast on to my feet for my dog to eat, a sudden urge came over me. An urge I had once when I was younger and my mum used to get the chicken back with all the offal still inside. I used to sit and dissect kidneys and all kinds of things I didn’t know and pretend I was in a lab. I find it fascinating and I want to do it again.

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