Happy Pills

Two years ago whilst walking around Barcelona I came across Happy Pills. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in and when I found out it was a sweet shop I fell in love.

The shop is tiny and narrow with a very clean clinical feel to the interior mimicking a hospital/clinic. Rows of all different kinds of sweets are supposed to be the quick solution to problems like: Love sickness, work problems and damaged friendships.

The packaging is all little different kinds of medical containers from pill boxes to screw cap bottles. The concept of happy pills is you pick a container and you pick what ‘condition’ you want to treat which is printed on a label you then stuck on the chosen container. The sticker displays funny instructions on the back for ‘dosage’.

Unfortunately there is only one store and it is in Barcelona. Fortunately you can order online! They make perfect little presents to cheer anyone up.

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1 Response to Happy Pills

  1. koko says:

    this is amazing!!!!! i love your blog! been on it everyday this week:) so many nice things!

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