Shoreditch Big Apple Hot Dogs

Located at 239 Old St, Shoreditch, London EC1V 9EY.

It’s “Ernie from Toronto who encapsulated everything Big Apple Hot Dogs is striving for. Ernie was a Toronto legend. He lived a simple but worthy life, taking satisfaction from the pleasure his hot dogs brought. He was loved by thousands, not least the students he funded through college with  his scholarship fund. He looks a man at peace with the world – a truly lofty achievement.”

Reviews include:

“His hot dogs are honestly the best I’ve ever tried, though I couldn’t claim to be any great authority on ‘pimp steaks’ – visits to Nathan’s, Gray’s Papaya, Papaya King and Crif Dogs in NYC are as far as my knowledge extends. BAHD is easily better than all of those. It’s all about the quality of the dogs themselves; they don’t actually need any condiments at all, but they’re not any worse with some of his fantastic sauerkraut and a squiggle of yellow mustard. The buns (baked especially for BAHD, I believe) are also really soft and squishy and provide a decent vessel for the dogs.”


Tues – Thursday  12pm – 6pm

Friday                   12pm – 7pm

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