California Lovin

America’s favourite hipster photographer Mark Hunt aka The Cobra Snake  has teamed up with Irregular Choice just in time for summer, sweat and cutoffs. These limited edition pair of shoes called “Chica” are available for sale since yesterday and we heard there are only 72 pairs so hurry if you want one.

You can buy yours at either  the Cobra Shop or

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2 Responses to California Lovin

  1. Blossom says:

    anything – and by anything i mean items of clothing, ornaments, cars, homes, trinkets, gadgets, objets d’arts – with the star spangled banner (or similarly the union jack for all my uk residents) sounds the alarm in my mind. not a bad look for a itty bitty model posing under a chevy but for the average katie piri this would not sit well. i smell right wing fascism, patriotic pride, and nationalistic feelings of get-the-F-out-of-my-country.
    i think i might be taking this too far. i have a classic avirex from the late 90s with the banner right across the back. makes me feel like a knob now. but also makes me look a pearl harbour bomber so i’m torn. i still wear it. don’t judge. only god can judge me now (tupac).
    thank you!

  2. Blossom says:

    all that said, i do love snakes! and the cobra is an easy winner. its face is just so wide!

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