Recent Inspirations

A lot of recent inspiration has come from listening to Bonobo, a British musician, producer and DJ who’s real name is Simon Green. His first release was in 1999. His music fits the genres of trip hop and chill out. If he’s not DJing he’s playing sets with his whole band who play live renditions of studio material.

I love heavy baselines. I love Bonobo.

Another inspiration was recently recommended book by a fellow twisted family member.

“An Average American Male – Chad Kultgen” I dare any girl who’s not afraid to get into the head of an average male to read this. Recent reviews include;

“If this book really does represent the average American male, I would like to know immediately so I can dedicate my life to becoming a lesbian. Or start a program to chemically castrate every male in the country. This is literally the most depressing book I’ve ever read.”

“Describing this book is difficult. It really is like being inside the mind of a character who is different parts of the male spectrum, part parody and part serious reality. I found myself laughing out loud on every page. As any good writer can, Kultgen weaves in genuine feeling and sympathy. Even though this character may be one of the most unlikable in contemporary fiction (aside from Patrick Bateman in American Psycho), the ending hits a bittersweet note of instantly recognizable reality.”

“This book is a fresh breath of air and gives a much-needed “different” perspective in literature. The narrator is basically your stereotypical average American male, which means he lives and breathes sex……Sure, there are “decent” guys out there, but major props to Chad K for not sugarcoating or BSing anything. We need more of that in real life.”

“This book is really fun to read – I think it took me 5 hours total. It’s really compelling and dangerously truthful. In the proverbial “battle of the sexes”, this guy is rolling a grenade into the ladies’ mess hall… and when they run screaming, there are some Claymore mines waiting for them at each of the exits. Kudos. Hilarious. And simultaneously profound and pornographic. How many books can you say that about?”

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