Love Is What You Want

Love is what you want is Tracey Emin’s latest exhibition covering every period of her career which reveals intimate details, graphic details of her abortion, her alcoholism and her inability to find love or have a child.

She works with a wide diversity of media which includes: installation, embroidered blankets, neon, film, animation, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing and assemblage.

Her trademark blankets are embroidered with violent outbursts of sexual and emotional outrage. Her neon signs of which one reads – fuck off and die you slag – appears in a long dark passage of which could be compared to a soho backstreet.  Tracey naked in the bath, spreadeagled on the bed appear in her rachitic little monoprints. Relics of Emin’s martyrdom are displayed in glass cases – hospital nametags, pill bottles, bloody plasters, desperate letters, stale Tampax.

Self-exposure is her method and everything can be displayed, from her sexual needs to her abjection.

What is left unknown about Emin?

The exhibition takes place at The Hayward Gallery at The Southbank Centre and is on until the 29th of August.

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