It’s a stick up. Keeping you up-to-date with Fashion, Fun, Gadgets, Culture, Music, Food and our T-Shirt Label “Stick ’em uP”.

Stick ’em uP first started in March 2010 by one person. An animation graduate from London College of Communication. The idea escalated from a series of drawings drawn out of anger in search of joy. It was found. Amongst friends also, who, due to many drawing requests, prompted the post grad to put them on T-shirt. Since the first few designs the label set out on a venture to find the best quality cotton for comfort. The label is growing, with a new range set to be ready this coming December, you can expect more blood, puke and something a little more special… The new range is designed on a hand picked unique blend of fabrics to ensure maximum comfort. All T-shirts are unisex. We like our T-Shirts baggy, we hope you do too.

You can view the collection here: facebook.com/stickemuponline